Aurora Factory Brief Study


Aurora is a dynamic group holding company, invested by Power-time group, with more than 1?imageMogr2/format/webp6 years experience in the production of high quality standard products.

Aurora is an independent design, research and development, production and sales as one of the professional manufacturer. we are a innovation company, with 1?imageMogr2/format/webp20 innovation patents.

Thanks to our innovation, our sales volume 50%-1?imageMogr2/format/webp00% growing in 201?imageMogr2/format/webp8, 201?imageMogr2/format/webp9. And in the past months of 2020, we have already made 1?imageMogr2/format/webp00% growth than201?imageMogr2/format/webp9. 

We have added new darkroom for better testing our lights, and also some high-tech professional machine such as CNC and SMT equipments, which is a very great progress for Aurora.

Our reception of Aurora factory.

Below are our Offroad Led Light Bar and Headlight workshop, and some honours of our company, such as "National High-Tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen Top 20 High-Growth&High-Tech Enterprise", "SGS Sustainable Development Certificated Enterprise" and so on.

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