Aurora marine series 20 inch dual color led off road light

Aurora marine series 20 inch dual color led off road light
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100000pieces / Month

Aurora All Weather Series 20 inch Dual Color LED Light Bar

Product Description


Feature of AURORA off road led light bar:

1. Military breather: can keep the air balance inside and outside of lights. move the fog out freely. this is our unique design.

2, The Cable: very strong and durable, an bear hundred of kilograms.

3, The lens: 300times stronger than glass. Anti shock, anti scratch.

4, DT connector, the famous brand waterproof connector.

5, The housing is 6063aluminum. Passed UV testing, high-low temperature testing, salt fog testing, the color wont change for 5years, the light even can stand sea water.

6, Operating Temp: -40 ~ + 145 deg

7, EMARK, SAE as optional

8. High Temperature, Low Temperature, Temperature shock, UV, Humidity, Salt Fog, Sand and Dust, Vibration, Altitude

9. Durable Mar/UV resistant Dupont painting technology

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Q: What is the material of AURORA lights housing?

A:The housing is 6063 aluminum with Dupont painting. Passed UV testing, the housing color wont change for 5years.

Q: Why customer need a mixed light bar ?

A: Mixed light bar also called All Weather Light. There are three options in one light:

Only white. Usually used in sunny weather.

Only amber. Usually used in tough weather such as fog, heavy rain, snow, smoke etc.

White and amber. Usually used in rainy days, fog days etc.

Q: Why AURORA NEW Optics System ?

A: It update base AURORA reflector + lens design, new optics system design according to driving environment and Traffic laws standard,control light to function

zone, reduce waster light to sky or opposite.To make sure clear vertical visual angle and shot to far way.

Q: How many lights can AURORA produce one month?

A: Around 500,000pcs.

Q: Can I get some catalogs or manuals, so we can deliver to customers ?

A: Yes. You can ask our sales team for some catalogs when place order.

Q: How can I become your dealer in our local city ?

A: Please contact with sales team and advise your country & city.

You are welcome to become our dealer and sell Aurora brand.

We can support you with competitive price, quality products, good customer service and new products etc.

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